Cache'em all

This google chrome extension is able to convert any url into a sequence of 4 pokemon images. From there, you can share those images with your friends, and from there, your friends are able to easily access the same website from across the world!

Why images?

Images are definitely much more fun and easier to memorize than a boring string of random letters and numbers! It's also much faster to click on four images than copying a long string of text by hand.

Why pokemon?

Pokemon is awesome! This is a cool project that we undertook during UofT's 2020 Newhacks hackathon, so we wanted to make it as fun as possible for all of us!

How do I use this?

Download this folder as a zip and unzip it. Then, while you are managing your extensions, just click on "Load Unpacked" (make sure you have developer mode turned on) and select the unzipped file in your file directory, and the extension should be installed!

Collaborators: Edward Lee, Eugene Jang, Jisahn Kim